Monday, September 20, 2010

A Change in Season

The simple changing of summer to fall allowed me to have a realization this morning beyond just noticing the different temperature outside. A person is like a season; they are inconsistent in every aspect possible. A person's inconsistency, however, can have such a greater impact than the changes in the weather. Sure, an unexpected change in weather--such as rain or snow--can ruin a person's day. But an unexpected change in a person? It has such a greater impact.

Not just this morning, but for the past week I have made this realization and pulled it all together into one combined thought process. Sure, we're all attempting to truly discover who we are and what our place is in the world, but do these discoveries have to involve a change in your personality and everything your life used to be about? Our sole purpose on Earth is to live for God and to represent who He is through our every day life: are we all truly living up to this standard to the best of our ability, or are we letting individuals such as boyfriends get in the way? Of course, I may be called a hypocrite when I mention the term 'boyfriend' and how they are constantly changing us because I do believe I changed when I was dating Bryce. For the good or bad, I'm not sure of yet, but I know I changed. However, noting that I did change while in a relationship, I believe there are others around me who's relationship have them going consistently downhill as an individual. Not only are best friends forced onto the sidelines, but they are becoming less and less important while the boyfriend takes over. This may or may not be directed at one person or couple, but even if it is directed at one couple, I know there are many others out there who have been hurt by this aspect of life as well.

Going back to my statement earlier, I know one aspect of me has definitely changed: the ability to stand up for myself. Standing up for myself hasn't always been one of my fortes. Lately though, it has been. I know others have realized this because I'm now often referred to as intimidating. Learning to stand up for myself has been one of the greatest lessons of life I have learned so far. With many years to hopefully come, I'm not sure any other lesson could surpass this one. Why should we stand watching on the sidelines while we let our own life pass us by, just like we're watching our best friend's lives pass us by as they are overtaken by a relationship? We have one thing that we can keep consistent throughout our lives: and that's who we are and what we live for every day.

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