Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, How I Love Weekends.

This weekend was beyond the words I could possibly use to describe it.

Friday was wonderful. Assembly days are always quick and not as painful as normal school days. In STUGO we played hide and seek around the school which was amazing.The Homecoming Game was Friday night; I was kind of stressed about it, but everything turned out perfectly and Gaby and I got our beloved headsets and we looked pretty BA, if I do say so myself. We ended up leaving the game early and going to Chik-Fil-A. We watched Lexi dance to Blaine's bumpin' music in the middle of the parking lot and get confused looks from everyone passing in the parking lot. The only way to describe this was that I had to hold myself back from completely losing it and peeing my pants. I got to go and visit with Kyle for a little while after his football game which is always nice, because he's someone I love to talk to. The girls slept over on Friday night and we stayed up until 3 just catching up on everything we've missed.

Saturday was Homecoming. Getting ready was fun, Going to Petco and the Dollar Store before Homecoming was a blast, Homecoming itself was amazing, and getting Icees after the dance definitely helped to cool us down.

Sunday was the only day that I think I would go back and change about this weekend. And actually, it may be the only day in my life that I would completely go back and change. Many people believe "I would never go back and alter something about my life or something that happened." And I can guarantee that is complete crap. Everyone has one event or time in their life that they desperately wish to change. Sunday night was mine. Sunday morning I got up, went to rehearsal for church, sang, sat through service, then came home. I completed all my homework, going through all the normal Sunday occurances.

Then, having too much time on my hands to sit and think, I texted Bryce asking what he was doing and if he would be home later. He was at work, but he said after he got off he would be home for the rest of the night. So, I asked if he would want to talk. We hadn't talked since we broke up, and I wanted to clear things up about why exactly it has to be like this. We met at the park by his house and for an hor and a half, all we did was talk and catch up. You realize that when you're away from someone for 3 weeks that you used to tell everything to, you want to share every story in great detail. We obviously didn't get everything out, but I got about 90% of the past 3 weeks into our conversation. Then he said he had to go, and that I need to get up so he could hug me. So I got up, we hugged. Then he said he missed me and we kissed. The last sentence is the one part I would change, but only because it hurts so much.


  1. Court, you know that I understand completely how you're feeling and even though we're in different places now, it doesn't make you anything less like the sister I've always wanted. If you need to talk or anything, please text me and we'll go get lunch or coffee. I miss you and everything will get easier, I promise.


  2. Thank you love. We definitely need to catch up one day. I only have 1 week left of school and I will for sure text you!